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This community is dedicated to the relationship, or lack thereof, between Aang and Zuko from the animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang is a, technically, 112 year old boy who has awoken from a century long sleep within an ice berg only to find that he is the last of the Air Nomads and that the fire nation has started a worldwide war that only he, as the Avatar (master of all four elements of airbending, waterbending, earthbending, and firebending), can stop. To do so, Aang must travel with his friends from the water tribe, Sokka and his waterbending sister Katara, not to mention a flying lemur named Momo and a flying bison named Appa, and master all four elements.

Zuko was the prince of the fire nation. However, after disrespecting his father and then losing to said father in a traditional fire nation combat known as Agni Kai, a newly scarred Zuko was ejected from the fire nation and told not to return without the Avatar who, at the time, had disappeared seemingly from the face of the earth. Luck was moderately on Zuko's side, for the Avatar reappeared with a bang and, ever since, Zuko has been hot on his trail, determined to capture the Avatar, bring him back to the Fire Nation, and redeem himself in the eyes of his father and his people.

Zuko and Aang, to be honest, don't have that much of a relationship. Zuko wants nothing more than to find Aang, capture him, and drag him home, where he (Aang, not Zuko) will probably be tortured so that he (Zuko, not Aang) can be accepted again. This is the one thing that Zuko holds on to, because he's lost everything else. His mother. His father. His sister. His status. His respectability. Everything but his Uncle Iroh and his quest for the Avatar. Aang is really his last hope to be accepted back into the fire nation again. Zuko isn't ready to accept what Iroh and Azula know already - he'll never be welcomed back.

Aang doesn't seem to have any real feelings of hatred towards Zuko by himself. He's willing to believe there's good in everyone, even Zuko. When Zuko saves him from the fire nation (so that Zuko could be the one to bring him there, not Zhao), Aang not only turns back for him when Zuko falls, but stays with him until Zuko attacks him, telling him a story and asking if "they could have been friends, too". When he awakes to find himself tied up in a cave with Zuko and is rescued by his friends, rather than heeding their words to leave Zuko behind to freeze and die, Aang takes Zuko with them to safety. The only time he shows any hate towards Zuko is when one of his friends get hurt and/or when Zuko attacks him.

Perhaps Aang was right. Perhaps if Zuko didn't believe he needed to capture Aang to go home, maybe, just maybe, they could have been friends. Or something more. Except that this is a kids' show. Or so they want you to believe. In any case.

Zukaang Love. This is a community for the fans of Aang, the last airbender, and Zuko, the exiled and disowned prince of the fire nation, in a romantic relationship or, at the very least, as friends. If this bothers you in any way, please stop reading from here. Joining the community in order to tell us that we are sick and disgusting will get you reported to livejournal.

Media. There are no real rules about fanfiction, fanart, icons, music videos, and other types of writing and media, except that they must, obviously, be about Aang and Zuko as the predominant pairings or characters. Nothing is allowed in the community that starts as Aang/Zuko and ends as something else or is about, like, Sokka/Katara, with Aang/Zuko on the side. They have to be the main pairing.

Get Along. Please don't start fights with the other members. We are all here because of our love for Aang/Zuko. I will be the first to admit that I can't stand Zuko/Katara. However, if there are Zutara fans who have joined the community because they are also fans of Aang/Zuko, I am not going to go up to them and tell them to get the shit out of my community because their pairing sucks and mine doesn't. That's just stupid. If you have any sort of dispute, take it to me because if you start to fight on this community, I will ban all involved. No questions.

Off Topic. I will be the first to admit, again, that I often ramble and get off topic. And that's okay. You can do so, too, as long as it pertains to Avatar: The Last Airbender in some way. Yes, I'm sure your dog is very nice, but what does that have to do with anything?

Advertising. You may advertise in this community, as long as you aren't joining the community just to advertise. You have to be an active member of the community in order to advertise. Otherwise, I will delete your advertisement (but after I check out the community because I love new communities).

Rating. I'd say this community is rated about PG-13 since I used the word "shit" (now twice) in the rules themselves, but please try to mark anything (fanfiction, rants, essays, pictures, whatever) that are R-rated and above with a warning and place them under an LJ-cut. Because, you know, technically, Avatar is a children's show. We're just sick perverts. XD

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